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the 10th year of IPCM

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This year we are reaching the 10th year of IPCM. To celebrate this event, plenary lectures from french and foreign renown scientists, testimonies from former members and talks from current members of the institute will give us the opportunity on the 18th June 2019 to look back for the most significant events of the past decade.

Institut Parisien de Chimie Moléculaire - 10 YEARS june 18, 2019 – Paris

(Provisional planning)

9h00 Opening speech : Louis Fensterbank, Director of IPCM (15’)

9h15 Genesis of IPCM : Max Malacria (20’)

9h35 Parent institutions (10’+10’)
(Corinne Aubert, Dean of the Faculty of Science / CNRS representative)

10h00 Invited speaker : Prof. Mario Leclerc, Université Laval, Québec (30’)(abstract PDF)

10h30 Break

11h00 Former members testimonies (30’)

11h30 Invited speaker : Prof. Antonio Togni, ETH Zürich (30’)(abstract PDF)

12h00 Current IPCM researchers speeches (60’)

13h00 Lunch

14h00 Invited speaker : Prof. Jonathan Nitschke, University of Cambridge (30’)(abstract PDF)

14h30 Former members testimonies (30’)

15h00 Invited speaker : Prof. Mario Ruben, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (30’)(abstract PDF)

15h30 Invited industry / sponsor speakers (30’)

16h00 Break

16h30 Invited industry / sponsor speakers (30’)

17h00 Former members testimonies (30’)

17h30 CNRS representative(s)

17h45 Closing Speech : Jean Chambaz, President of Sorbonne Université

18h00 Diner Cocktail