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  • Synthesis, spectroscopic properties and 2D self-assembly at the liquid-solid interface of a series of linear ?-conjugated oligomers terminated with uracil or melamine H-bonding units.
    G. Y. Y. Chng, X. Sun, S. J. Cho, D. Rajwar, A. C. Grimsdale, and D.
    Fichou, New J. Chem. 2014, 38 (6), 2407-2413.
  • Conductance mechanism in a linear non-conjugated trimethylsilyl-acetylene molecule : tunnelling through localized states.
    E. G. Petrov, A. Marchenko, O. L. Kapitanchuk, N. Katsonis, and D.
    Fichou, Mol.
    Cryst. Liq. Cryst. 2014, 589(1), 3-17.
  • Synthesis and photovoltaic performances in solution-processed BHJs of oligothiophene substituted organocobalt complexes [(?4-C4(nT)4Co(?5-C5H5)].
    G. H. V. Bertrand, L. Tortech, V. Gandon, C. Aubert, and D. Fichou, Chem. Commun., accepted.