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The group was created in 2007 thanks to integration of Prof. Chemla’s and Prof. Poli’s teams. This merging enjoys the complementary skills of the two previous teams in organometallic chemistry directed toward organic synthesis. The main research axis of the team is consecrated to the study of innovative organometallic transformations for organic synthesis. The eco-compatibility of these transformations constitutes a central concern and is pursued for example, via step- or atom-economy. This goal will be achieved via transition metal catalysis, the development of new carbenoic organometallic species, domino processes as well as hydro- and carbo-metalations. Thus, the study of new catalytic domino sequences, as well as the use of efficient catalytic and/or stoechiometric enantioselective systems will make up the main future research axis. The methodologies developed will be applied to the synthesis of complex molecules of synthetic and/or biological interest.

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Dr. Alejandro Pérez-Luna

Sorbonne Université,
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