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J. Rieger, F. Stoffelbach

Our research activities focus mainly on radical polymerization in homogeneous (in solution and in the bulk) and heterogeneous media (emulsion, miniemulsion, dispersion). We synthesize polymers with controlled structure, architecture, properties within the scope of the following main topics :

Keywords : radical polymerization, heterogeneous polymerization, emulsion, latex, film, adhesive, architecture, controlled radical polymerization, RAFT, NMP, ATRP, hybrid, silica, supramolecular assembly, PISA

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François Stoffelbach (francois.stoffelbach chez
Jutta Rieger (jutta.rieger chez
Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6,
4 Place Jussieu tour 43/53 4ème étage
Team : Polymérisation Radicalaire
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