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Our research activities concern the design and synthesis of new π-conjugated materials, purposefully designed to spontaneously organize themselves at the nanoscale leading to novel properties mostly directed towards (nano)optoelectronic applications.


Organic synthesis, macromolecular chemistry, pi-conjugated architectures, liquid crystalline semiconductors, organic electronics, molecular nanostructures at surfaces, 2D materials

We have ample expertise in the synthesis of organic semi-conductive materials, liquid crystalline derivatives and supra & macromolecular systems. We are also interested in the study of their structural, photophysical, self-assembling and electronic properties and possible applications in devices such as OLEDs, OFETs, etc.

If you have any further question, contact us :

Dr. David Kreher
Dr. Fabrice Mathevet
Dr. Lydia Sosa Vargas

Sorbonne Université,
4 Place Jussieu, 75252 Paris cedex 5

Couloir 43-53
Équipe Chimie des polymères

Bureaux 414 et 420

Tel. 33(0) 1 44 27 50 32