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  • Unprecedented ?-bonded Rhodio-and Iridio-o-Benzoquinones as Organometallic-Linkers for the Design of Chiral Octahedral Bimetallic Assemblies.
    Moussa, J.; Rager, M. N.; Chamoreau, L.-M.; Ricard, L.; Amouri, H.;
    Organometallics 2009, 28, 397-404.
  • Design, Self-Assembly and Molecular Structures of Tridimensional Copper (II) Capsules Templated by BF4- Guest Anions.
    Desmarets, C.; Policar, C.; Chamoreau, L.-M.; Amouri. H.;
    Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2009, 4396-4400.
  • A Unique type of a Dicobalt Cage Templated by weakly Coordinated Hexafluorophosphate Anion: Design, Structure and Solid-State NMR Investigations.
    Desmarets, C.; Poli, F.; Le Goff, X. F.; Müller, K.; Amouri H.;
    Dalton Trans. 2009, 10429-10432.
  • Large Magnetization-Induced Second Harmonic Generation in an Enantiopure Chiral Magnet.
    Train, C.; Nuida, T.; Gheorghe, R.; Gruselle, M.; Ohkoshi, S.-I.;
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2009, ;131, ;16838-16343.
  • Cyclopentadienyl Ligands as Perfect Anion Receptors: Teamwork between ?-Anion Interaction and C-H¼Anion Hydrogen Bonds.
    Amouri, H.; Moussa, J.; Malacria, M.; Gandon, V.;
    Cryst. Growth & Design. 2009, 9, 5304-5310.
  • An Unusual Anion-? Interaction in Irido Organometallic Assembly: Synthesis, First Crystal Structure and Computational Study.
    Moussa, J.; Gandon, V.; Rager, M. N.; Malacria, M.; Chamoreau, L.-M.; Amouri. H.;
    Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2009, 3703-3707.
  • Sorption of Tartrate Ions to Lanthanum (III)-modified Calcium Fluor- and Hydroxyapatite.
    Aissa, A.; Debbabi, M.; Gruselle, M.; Thouvenot, R.; Flambard, A.; Gredin, P.; Beaunier, P. Tonsuaadu, K.;
    J. Colloid Interf. Sci. 2009, ;330, ;20-28. ;