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Research topics

Synthesis of original heteroaromatic bicycles

Synthèse de bicycles hétéroaromatiques originaux : une contribution à la diversité chimique
Au vu de la diminution constante de nouveaux composés mis sur le marché mondial du médicament par les (...)

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New methodologies for the synthesis of natural products

Gentiopicroside (GPS), a bitter secoiridoid glycoside, is an important constituent present in many gentianaceous plants and these plants have been widely used as traditional herbal remedies for (...)

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Medicinal organometallic chemistry

The team is involved in the design and development of new molecules with anticancer activity based on the original properties of certain metals and their complexes. The team introduced a whole (...)

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Infrared probes for bioanalysis and subcellular imaging

Organometallic complexes including carbonyl ligands (CO) display unique spectroscopic features owing to the presence of characteristic and intense bands in the mid-IR range (2000 cm-1 region), (...)

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Artificial Enzymes

An original concept called “Artificial metalloenzymes” has recently emerged at the border between organometallic and enzymatic catalysis, in which biomacromolecules (proteins, DNA) act as hosts to (...)

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